Small Business Marketing – Know Your Ideal Customer


Ever wonder why your ad in the local newspaper isn’t working or that great special offer that you leafleted to thousands of homes hasn’t delivered the results your small business needs.  Well, here’s the thing, are you talking to the right type of customer?  Maybe the customers you want don’t read that local newspaper or just throw dump leaflets straight into the bin.  For your marketing to work you have to know who your ideal customers are.

The  5 steps below, applied to a current client base and worked in order, will tell you who your ideal customer is.

1) Find your most profitable clients – these are the ones that have paid your small business the most over the past 6/9, 12 months.

2) From the above group, identify those clients that have referred you on.

3) From that even smaller group, include common demographic characteristics, age, gender, locality etc.

4) Take the time now to understand the behaviour that makes them your ideal customer, do they buy more than one product/service from you.  Do they buy from you on a regular basis?

5) Draw a fully developed biographical sketch of your ideal customer to use as a marketing guide.  This could contain where they get their information from, is it the web, is it friends, what papers do they read, what websites do they visit etc. so that every piece of marketing you do is targeted at attracting more of those ideal clients.

You have to go where your customers go to get their information on products and services like yours and most crucially once you know your ideal customer you can focus your advertising and marketing efforts on them, in other words where they go you go.

We can help you find your ideal customers, call us on today to arrange a free consultation or phone 01-6978285 to book a workshop and start you on your way.

Maeve Keegan

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