Call-to-Action Formulas That Make People Want to Click On Your Website

marketing companies dublin


Marketing companies Dublin

If you want to increase traffic to your website, you need to create great calls-to-action to ensure you give yourself the best chance.

The ideal CTA, however, isn’t always easy to think of. Sometimes, you need a little nudge in the right direction.

Here are some ways to improve your game with these sure fire call-to-action formulas.

1) Try if for FREE for a limited time

The word “try” is a soft term. It implies little risk. For this reason, it can be extremely effective, especially for downloadable products or apps.

2) Get started NOW

This phrase is a simple and short CTA. If you have limited space in your CTA button but want something that makes an impact, this is a great choice. A user can get started on a signup process, a download, or something similar.

3) Order TODAY

The word “today” is similar to the word “now.” Remember, instant gratification is a universal appeal for just about any CTA. If you are promising something today, it’s much more likely to produce action.

4) LEARN More

This classic CTA is short and direct. It appeals to one of the most fundamental of users’ needs: the desire for information.

A “learn more” CTA works best if you have an information product, or a multi-step funnel that informs users before asking for the sale.

5) Start your FREE trial now

This variation on the CTA above adds the word now to put sizzle in the action. It’s a great option for SaaS organizations that provide free trials.

6) Subscribe NOW and get….

It’s common but effective. Some of the best CTAs are just like that — short, sweet, and to the point. You don’t need to say a lot in order to get the user to do a lot.

7) TALK to us

More compelling and effective than ‘Contact Us’.

8) Get it while STOCKS LAST

Increasing urgency is a proven tactic for increasing the likelihood of a user’s action. If you can boost the user’s sense of time or supply — limited, running out, etc. — then you will increase their desire and need to click the CTA.

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marketing companies dublin

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