5 Reasons Why Entering Business Awards Is Good For Your Business

Business Awards

Business Awards

Winning a business award or just being a finalist is a perfect excuse to promote your business. But when it comes to business awards it’s not just winning that counts.

Here are Yellow Mountain Marketing’s top 5 reasons why we firmly believe all small businesses should enter business awards.

1. Credibility – People want to do business with other businesses that are trustworthy and reliable. Businesses with a proven track record and a good reputation in their chosen market. Being shortlisted or winning awards will help your business to gain this credibility and work wonders for your business. For example, think about when you’re using Google to find a new company to work with such as a web designer, would you rather work with a web designer or an award winning web designer, it’s a no-brainer really!

2. Exposure – Entering, being shortlisted for or even winning an award all bring with it a certain amount of increased exposure and attention for your business. Your company profile will be raised and more people will want to work with you and buy from you. Now be honest, who doesn’t like free PR?

3. Competition – Comparing like with like, it will be awards that will set you apart from your competition given an otherwise level playing field. Everyone wants the best and these awards will help you to put your best foot forward and prove that you are the best, ensuring a steady flow of increased business.

4. Content – These days we’re always told content is king, relevant, interesting content. Now what better way to populate your blog, website and social media than post your wins, your resulting PR and your customer feedback from the announcements.

5. Business Planning – Even the preparation of an award submission ensures a focus on the business that you may not otherwise shine a spotlight on. Developing a coherent narrative that supports your key business objectives and plans, not only ensures you give your business the best chance of winning but also allows you to check in with your positioning and ensure it is still current and on track. Basically a win win for everyone.

At Yellow Mountain Marketing we specialise in working with businesses to create memorable award submissions that give your business the best chance of success.

We have worked with a number of businesses over the past couple of years and are delighted with our 100% success rate in getting everyone we’ve worked with to the shortlist stage of their chosen awards, with many going on to win their selected award.

The companies we have worked with have seen the real tangible benefits of becoming an ‘Award Winning Company’, reporting increased customer numbers, increased revenues from increased customer orders and increased brand awareness as some of the many benefits.

If you would like to speak to an award submissions expert, call us at Yellow Mountain Marketing on 01-6087751 today and let us get your business the attention it deserves! business awards

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