The Difference between Digital Marketing and Social Media

Digital marketing Dublin

digital social, digital marketing dublin
digital social, digital marketing dublin

Recently Yellow Mountain Marketing were asked to define what the difference was between digital marketing and social media marketing? Our answer: a lot!

When we talk about social media marketing we’re talking about utilising social media platforms – or tools if you will – including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, even YouTube to market our products and services. If you Googled “define social media marketing” you’d learn that it’s widely accepted as “the process of gaining website traffic or attention through social media sites.” Certainly an admirable goal for a marketer.

Businesses of all shapes and sizes have taken advantage of social media marketing with good to great results. Social media marketing helps businesses create and maintain relationships with their customers and is a terrific tool for what we call eWOM – or electronic word of mouth. Social media marketing is an effective marketing tactic and should play a hefty role in your marketing plan but, let’s be clear, it’s only a small part of digital marketing.

What is Digital Marketing? Digital Marketing Dublin

Today’s savvy marketer knows that social media is important but it’s not everything. There must be a solid plan – a strategy that is developed with a specific target market in mind – perhaps developing customer personas, a wide variety of online tactics to put into play – including but not limited to social media, written goals that can be pursued across the digital landscape and reliably measured, and regular analysis of the program.

Tactics such as search engine optimisation (SEO), e-newsletters, websites, blogs, local marketing including Google’s Local Place Pages, AdWords, banners, and other methods of paid online advertising, and even review sites all fall under the heading of “digital marketing”.

A successful digital marketing program absolutely must contain a roadmap – a written plan defining specific goals, how they will be measured, what success for not only individual platforms looks like but the success of the program as a whole. There should be a well thought out content marketing plan, a robust set of analytics reports, campaign tracking, reporting, and the inevitable plan revisions at regular intervals.

In a nutshell

An easy way to think about the difference between social media marketing and digital marketing is the difference between marketing tactics and marketing strategy. Digital marketing is a holistic and all-encompassing approach to online marketing success. Your strategy, if you will.

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