6 Top Tips for Facebook Competitions


To do or not to do – Facebook competitions are they right for your business ?

#1 Do you need to do the competition?
Right off the bat you need to ask yourself is a Facebook competition right for my business?  Some businesses won’t benefit from a contest, particularly those businesses focussed on the high-end B2B market.  Once, you have decided ask yourself what is the goal for this competition, is it to promote a new product or service, gain new followers, or encourage more engagement with your current followers/customers.

#2 Acquaint yourself with Facebook’s rules on competitions
Have a read of this to familiarise yourself with the do’s and don’ts of running promotions on Facebook. http://ow.ly/DXJpF

#3 What type of contest best suits the needs of my business?
There are 4 types of contest on Facebook;
Sweepstakes – most popular random draw
Essay – asks followers to tell a story about your business/brand/product & some area of their life
Photo – asks followers to upload a photo of themselves having interaction with your business/brandVideo – asks followers to enter a video that relates to your brand
A sweepstakes is a great way to begin as it can be easily set up and managed.

#4 Keep it simple to enter
What’s the secret to running a successful campaign – make it easy to enter.  Ask for less information but make sure that you get the information that you need.

#5 Tell the world about your contest
Promote your competition, share the link on your website,your twitter, pinterest, instagram sites – everywhere and anywhere you can.  Don’t forget about the boost post button on your Facebook page, this can bring your promotion to a much wider audience.

#6 Follow up
Announce the winner and then make sure to follow up with all the entrants by posting and sharing engaging posts about your business. You have got them to like your page and brand now you need them to buy from your business.

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